Relapse and a Few Other Updates

“For those who play the game, an hour may be a year, a single day’s work an achievement for eternity.” ~Unknown

Hello everyone!  My name is Dustin Conlon and I am one of the programmers here at Carpe Diem Games.  Its been a while since the last post here, so I thought I’d take a shot at it and give a few updates about whats up.  

First major update is something that people who have been following our company for a while will be interested in.  The tech demos for Conundrum have unfortunately been delayed, however, we are at full speed on its production, and we hope to have those demos out for you in Q1 of 2014.  Secondly, for anyone who is interested in horror games will be excited to hear that we are in development of our own horror game, “Relapse” (COPYRIGHT © Carpe Diem Games, 2013).  This game will be very different from other horror games you may have played in the past, our idea is to incite literal terror into the minds of the players.

We hope you are ready for a gaming company to change the way you think of games, because that is what we plan to do.  Thank you for reading this, and we’ll see you at the release of the tech demo of Conundrum coming soon!


Conundrum To Be Entered Into Windows 8/Windows 8 Phone Contest

Things have really gained momentum at Carpe Diem. Our team is complete, game production is now fully underway, and we have decided to ambitiously enter a 3 level demo version of Conundrum, into the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone contest, that Unity is running. The details of the contest are found here:

The submission deadline is September 30, so if we continue production at our current pace, the deadline will easily be met. If we win the contest for best new content for the Windows 8 app store, we will recieve a prize of $30000 US, which will be split evenly between our 10 members. At the same time we enter the demo into the contest, we will also release on IndieDB, for free download.


Conundrum will be an adventure-puzzle game, set in a mysterious Victorian-style library, that exists outside of time. Players will play as Cody Pieterson, a 24 year old man from the near future, who has become trapped inside the library. Through a combination of putting books back into their correct shelf location, and piecing together then inputting codes, players will work their way to the top floor of the library to escape. Along the way, they will encounter several historical figures, some good, some evil, with many of them having disappeared mysteriously, ending up in the library. Having progressed through the initial levels, players will then come face-to-face with the most evil of them all – Rasputin, the Russian monk who just wouldn’t die. Play then becomes a race between Cody and Rasputin, with the monk attempting to trap Cody in the library forever, and Cody ultimately trying to prevent Rasputin from escaping and seeking revenge on the world.